Hope when all seems Hopeless

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You know, we hear about how important faith and love are all the time. There are multiple sermons on both these subjects. When you are “doubting” you have Christians telling you to have “faith.” When you’re angry they’ll tell you to “love.” They speak it reminding you that the bible tells us to do these things… But what about hope??

“These three remain faith, hope, and love.” Corinthians 13

Why don’t we realize we are commanded to have hope just as we are commanded to have faith and love?? It seems we’ve forgotten about these verses. Maybe when you’re down your friend will tell you to “cheer up” or “not to give up hope.” But it seems we don’t often remind each other “because the bible says so.” It seems that God treasures hope as much as faith and love… but do we?? He is even referred to as “the God of Hope.” Romans 15:13

So how do we have hope when all is hopeless?? The same way we have faith when we are doubting or how we love when hatred is trying to take over- how?? Jesus.

Where do we find our hope?? In things turning out the way we specifically want them to?? No, that’s called control. Is it in being rich, or being healed, or having power… No those are only material things, they don’t have to do with the state of our soul.

We have hope by putting it in Jesus. Salvation alone is hope. Getting to go to heaven brings hope. Maybe everything won’t turn out the way we would plan. But knowing that God loves us and will bring beauty out of our ashes, that brings hope.

I’m not saying that having hope for specific things here on earth is bad. No. I have hope that I will not only walk and run again, but that I will be healed here on earth and I will dance again. I look forward to that day. But if that day never comes I won’t lose hope, because I know I will walk, run, dance, and maybe even fly when I am “promoted” to leave this earth and join God in a perfect world, in heaven.

Though I believe I will be healed here on earth, I have faced the possibility that my dancing days may be stored up in heaven waiting for me. If that is the case I won’t lose hope because that just means God will use my sickness here on earth for a better purpose than my healing here on earth.

How can I say that?? Cause I know the God I serve, I know HOW much He loves each of us and  I know we can trust Him no matter what happens. For we know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Somehow we sometimes think that means “He causes everything to turn out the way we wish cause He loves us” ;). It says according to “HIS purpose.” Not OUR plan for our lives, but His purpose. His purpose might be not to heal me until I get to heaven. If that’s the case, then I trust Him because He does work for the “good of those who love Him.” And that means that He can bring more “good” for me and those around me out of me being disabled the rest of my life than if I were to be healed here on earth. Good doesn’t mean “easy” it simply means “good.”

He can see past present and future, He can see our destiny, He can see what will grow us into better people. He knows what will fulfill us and how to bring us joy… He knows all these things faaar more than we do. And sometimes that means not causing things to turn out the way we wish cause He has a better plan for us than we have for ourselves.

So yes, I have hope that I will dance here on earth again, that I will gain control of my legs… but if I don’t until heaven, I will not lose hope because that means God is going to bring good out of my life in a different way than I can imagine. I know I have an incurable disease, but I know that He WILL certainly heal my body and give me the ability to dance again, whether that is on earth or in heaven, it doesn’t really matter- I will be SO grateful when it happens!!

“His ways are not our ways, and our thoughts are not His thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8 His ways are much better. So wherever you are in life and whatever you are facing, don’t lose hope. There IS hope in our Savior. There IS hope cause He will turn your ashes into beauty, and there IS hope because this life is only the beginning.

We will one day be promoted to meet our King in a perfect world called Zion, or Heaven. A world bigger than ours, full of many colors and creatures we’ve never seen. There will be many mansions, and cities, all governed by one perfect, loving God. And you have a free pass there if you choose to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. That is enough to give us hope for the rest of our lives :).

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

As always if you need someone to talk to or need prayer feel free to email me personally at rachelsradicalroad@wordpress.com
I may take awhile to respond since some days I’m too weak to hold my laptop or my vision is too blurred to see. But I would love to hear from you and would be happy to pray for you if you’d like prayer for what you’re facing in your life!

Have an amazing day, or at least a day filled with more hope :)!!

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2 Responses to Hope when all seems Hopeless

  1. Julie Peterson says:

    Once again, the maturity and insight in these posts continues to amaze me! I am humbled to read these posts, God does indeed use you mightily!

  2. Kirk says:

    Rachel, you’ve done it again! How about a visit from us Sunday afternoon the 28th? Do you feel up to it? We love you!

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