Update on Rachel’s health by Tina Champlin.

Rachel continues to be an inspiration of hope and faith to all who come in contact with her in spite of her difficult health situation. She still spends her days in bed, in pain, not able to walk or see well.

Her brain injury is slowly healing, but she still suffers symptoms from it, as well as nerve pain throughout her body. Doctors have been testing Rachel for auto immune diseases since last October because her condition is so bad.  This means there is something else serious going on, but doctors don’t know what it is yet.

This Monday afternoon April 28th,  Rachel goes to Denver to be tested for a disease called C.I.D.P. It will be a painful test where they insert several needles into her muscles and then electrical charges. The test will last at least an hour. Please hold Rachel up in your prayers…the drive to Denver alone will make her sick even before we get to the testing.

Because her vision is so bad Rachel doesn’t get on the computer often, but if you send her a note here at wordpress or on her facebook page we will be sure to read them to her. If you would like to mail her a card or note of encouragement please mail to: Rachel Champlin 6285 Pemberton Way Colorado Springs CO 80919.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Rachel and her brother Jacob

Rachel & her brother Jacob.


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2 Responses to Update on Rachel’s health by Tina Champlin.

  1. Susan Zimmerman says:

    Rachel, I pray they find some answers for this long road to come to an end. You deserve to have all pain gone, all suffering gone, and I believe it is going to happen! Thank you for your amazing testimony of joy projected in the midst of your pain. Only God and your submission to Him could cause that! Your mom’s friend, Susan Zimmerman

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